The existence of the forests in the world is very important for life. Not only for the human, but also for everything living in this world. Because it has a very important role in making the balances in life. A forest can absorb the water, so that it can prevent some area from the flood, beside that, it also produces a lot of fresh air for our life. With forest, people can produce so much woods to fulfill the people’s needs. We can imagine if there is no more forest in our country, how can we breathe with the fresh and clean oxygen? But unfortunately, it has been happening in our country till now. So many people don’t care about it. They just explore and exploit the natural resources without a responsibility to keep the natural balance.

In our beloved country, Indonesia, a forest gives a very special character for our country. Since many years ago, people all around the world honor Indonesia as the lungs of the world, because of our forest’s existence. Various plants and animals live in our forest. Even, Indonesia has a very large forest area, that is 230,5 million Hectares. It makes many countries really want to exploit our rich forest. But once again, they just want to get a lot of natural resources from our country without a responsibility to keep the natural balance. And it doesn’t happen in Indonesia only, but also in some countries in this world.

This situation gives the inspiration to some people to build a power to save the existence of the forest in this world. Finally, in some years ago, a group of people established the NGO (Non Government Organization) called Green Peace as the global independent campaign organization that using the creative confrontation –without violence- to save the forests. They has a lot of contribution in saving the forests in some area, even not only the forest, they also try to contribute in saving the ocean. Today, this organization becomes popular and so many people has joined it.

In my opinion, the existence of Green Peace must be supported by us. Because, the effort to save our forests is our responsibility, not only some people, but all. Everybody must have a big concern in saving their environment. Nobody may throw the garbage at random. Nobody may exploit the natural resources as they want without caring to the condition of the nature.

Our country always loses the forests area as much as 2,8 million hectares in a year. This number is the same with 300 football yards. We can imagine, how poor we are today. A lot of forests that we have before, today only a few of it still alive. But, I think we still have time to improve. A small effort that we can do is trying to throw the garbage in that place. Beside that, we can plant some plants in our house. Stopping to smoke also can give a contribution, an the most important is we have to do our religion’s rules, so that everything we do will be positive and useful for the others.

So, let’s care about our nature. Never break it, and always be the friend of it.

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