AI, my friend

nice article.. My research interest is AI, and I love architecture as well.. Maybe someday I’ll take a study on architecture, so I’ll be able to implement my AI knowledge in architecture.

Es Kacang Merah

I always knew that the future of game will be on artificial intelligences. From predator-prey scenarios to real-time strategy, to sandbox, to  MMORPG and whatever genres will join later on. From mano a mano combat to massive intelligence crowd like Lord of The Rings or World of Warcraft. Architecture design too, will soon be left behind if not preparing itself or reinvent itself towards what kind of area that such AIs will make benefit in design? Process, method, product? At the end, as Terzidis guess, we as architect will soon realize that the way we make computer understand us will makes it  understand how to think like us. Building Information Modeling pioneering by using relational database to create ‘smart’ component that can ‘understand’ its context. If every building component equipped with such information (physic perhaps, not AI or maybe next gen AI) there will be two scenarios for architect…

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